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Greetings, I’m Kenyatta McKinnon, founder of Hustle For God and I want to welcome you!  I’m so excited that you are visiting our website and invite you to visit frequently for updates and information on pursing your dreams and goals God’s way!

You know, we hustle and work hard for so many things in life.  So, I know we can do the same for God and as we pursue our dreams and goals in life, we become living testimonies to His Power and Glory!



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So Grateful: Giving God the First Fruits of Your Day!

With most having a very active day, it’s not uncommon to start the day not realizing what a miracle it was to simply wake up.  But, it is through the Grace of God and His favor that we get a whole new 24 hours daily!

So, it’s  important to be grateful each and every day that we wake in appreciation for the  love, mercy and blessings that He bestows upon us.

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5 Ways to Become Spiritually Focused

There are certainly many ways to stay focused, but  when you’re spiritually focused, it means that you have surrendered your mind to Christ and you have committed to His way.  It is the will of God that we remain focused on Him.

Being spiritually focused is also essential for all Christians, because it ensures that we remain devoted and are prepared to receive the many blessings and abundance that God has instore for us.  Below are five ways to become spiritually focused:

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Pictured above, participants in our Vision Workshop

Power of Vision: Becoming A Living Testimony!

One of the most beautiful gifts from God is the Power of Vision!  Through the Holy Spirit that lives in us all and the process of thought, He has blessed us with the ability to transfer our thoughts, dreams and goals from the mind and put them on paper so we can plan and implement our vision.

God’s vision for our prosperous future is abundant!  In Habakkuk 2:1, he says unto the Lord, “…set me upon the tower and will watch to see what he will say unto me…” When we pursue our dreams and goals through Christ, we are given greater knowledge, being ‘set upon the tower’ to see and pursue the visions before us.

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